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This is the history of the brand Raymond Weil since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of watches produced under this brand.

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Raymond Weil

Family Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil was founded in 1976. And today it is among the top five in terms of sales hours on all continents. The popularity of the company is growing every year, and in 90 countries Raymond Weil has its fans and connoisseurs. So fast for the Swiss watch industry takeoff mark must first of all talent and hard work of the founder and owner of the company, Mr. Raymond Weil.
Raymond Weil grew up in the Swiss town, and love to the clock - in the blood of all the people of this country, young and old. It is not surprising that over time, he began to dream about how to link the life with the time of production. In 1949, Raymond Weil took a job at a company and hour thanks to its professionalism, honesty, and love for the work made a good career. He worked at the firm for more than 20 years. Have been accumulating experience, knowledge, ideas, and Raymond Weil began to think about creating your own company.
The calendar was the seventies - Swiss industry into crisis. For years, Swiss watchmakers worked on development of the new quartz technology, and the first on her reoriented Japanese. Designed by the Japanese clock appeared as expensive novelty, but it soon became clear that their cost is low. Japan and Hong Kong have started churning out inexpensive accurate quartz watches in large numbers and they just filled up the market. Centuries to be the leading watch industry in the world Swiss watch industry, even a solid reputation and high quality products, being defeated on all fronts. The market cheap watches (up to $ 70) was given immediately and almost without a fight. Then, Swiss watchmakers have lost up to 97% of the market hours mid-range (75 to 400 dollars), and even expensive watches sector suffered a stroke after the Japanese are widely advertised new super flat watch.
Difficult for Swiss watchmakers situation was aggravated by the general economic crisis in the country. In the seventies, went bankrupt and ceased to exist hundreds of watch companies, including the firm, which spent 27 years with Raymond Weil. Then many considered a dying Swiss watch industry, but Raymond Weil at this time decided to open his own watch company. Friends and acquaintances are wondering advance sympathize, but Vail sure that being a professional in his field and is not afraid of work, it is possible, even in times of crisis to find a niche in the market.
In the year the company was founded - 1976-th - Raymond Weil staff consisted of only four people: the owner himself, his wife, who believed always in luck and intuition wife and ready to support the new venture, and two master watchmakers. Since the founding company has set its sights on making high-quality mid-market hours. Experience shows that the direction was elected true: for the year company has grown stronger and gradually began to grow. In the period from 1977 to 1986, Raymond Weil company was able to increase production of its watches from 3000 to 300,000 units per year. And since 1991, the company annually sells more than 600,000 hours. In the same year there was a very popular collection of Raymond Weil - Parsifal. Raimond Weil features a dynamic development and enviable efficiency. The company represents more than 200 different models and modifications of hours per year. Such a rich selection of watches supports the image of the company, able to meet the tastes of almost any discerning buyer.
Thanks to the astounding and sustained growth in the local markets, the brand RAYMOND WEIL is presented around the world today. Under the direction of Olivier Bernheim, President and CEO, and recently joined the management of the sons of Eli (Marketing Director) and Pierre (Director of Sales), is the grandson of Mr. Raymond Weil - the company continues to expand and engage in the areas of: Research and Development Product , Marketing and Communications. Geneva maker strengthens its position in the markets of Asia, Russia and India, to highlight the significant economic potential and international reputation of the brand.
For a diverse and modern models of RAYMOND WEIL is typical excellent quality and aesthetics underlined. Model series focuses mainly on men's mechanical watches, but design and women's watches can not ignore - take at least a jewelry watch or women's Shine mechanical models Freelancer. Noble materials (diamonds, gold, crocodile leather and precious stones) play a significant role in the assortment of the brand.
"Independence - a state of mind." Swiss company slogan best describes the reason for RAYMON WEIL takes the position of the original, a young, energetic player and innovator among all industry participants prestige watches, the company that effectively uses the new features of the economy and applies innovations necessary to maintain leadership in this area. The philosophy of "Independence - a state of mind" brings life to the views of both the company and the people behind its success, but also pays tribute to the heritage and traditions of the family, the leitmotif, which has always been independence.
In 2006, Raymond Weil brand will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary. By the standards of the Swiss watch industry - the youthful age, although it is sufficient to develop priorities and distinctive, recognizable style, and as a result, to achieve a certain position on the hourly Olympus.

Over the past thirty years, the brand Raymond Weil is strongly linked in the minds of connoisseurs and lovers of watchmaking with the world of music, as evidenced by the wonderful model dedicated to Mozart or Wagner's famous opera "Parsifal"; their names as the names of other "music" lines sound very symbolic: Amadeus, Parsifal, Don Giovani, Allegro, Fidelio, Othello, Traviata.

Each year, the brand became a prima ballerina catalog of these collections, the "star" of 2005 were, no doubt, Model Don Giovanni Cosi Grande Two Time Zones encased in a housing of today's most popular gold color - pink. For the ladies version is also provided jewelry, lavishly decorated with diamonds. But even in the version without the gems, this model impresses with its stylish elegance and grace, which, however, is common to all models of Raymond Weil. The chronometer is equipped with an exclusive automatic mechanism to display two time zones. Local time is shown on the main dial, second time zone - on an additional 24-hour clock. Transparent back cover opens for viewing the excellent quality finishes mechanism with bridges and rotor, decorated in the style of Cotes de Geneve. Dial models, engraved in technology Clou de Paris, can be black or silver, but both colors look great in combination with a pink gold case.

Latest Raymond Weil watch offers for sale:

Genuine Raymond Weil Parsifal 10260-S004145 18ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Watch Genuine Raymond Weil Parsifal 10260-S004145 18ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Watch 11 £AU $13,990.00
Raymond Weil Freelancer Automatic Chronograph Rose Gold Mens Watch 17740-G-20001 Raymond Weil Freelancer Automatic Chronograph Rose Gold Mens Watch 17740-G-20001 6 £8,326.50
RAYMOND WEIL Don Giovanni Cosi Grande Dual Time Watch 12898-G-65001 RRP £6500 RAYMOND WEIL Don Giovanni Cosi Grande Dual Time Watch 12898-G-65001 RRP £6500 2 £5,990.00
RAYMOND WEIL Freelancer 235 Diamond Ladies Watch 7730-PAV-46001 RRP £7995 - NEW RAYMOND WEIL Freelancer 235 Diamond Ladies Watch 7730-PAV-46001 RRP £7995 - NEW 2 £6,750.00
RAYMOND WEIL Don Giovanni Cosi Grande Diamond Watch 12898-GS-20001 RRP £9500 RAYMOND WEIL Don Giovanni Cosi Grande Diamond Watch 12898-GS-20001 RRP £9500 2 £7,990.00

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