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This is the history of the brand Citizen since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of watches produced under this brand.

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Today, Citizen - the leader of the Japanese watch company, one of the largest watch manufacturers in the world. For eight decades of continuous operation employees managed to make the world-famous brand, and Citizen watches have become synonymous with modern watch technology. Naturally, the costs for such a popular continuous improvement of technology and design, the search for new directions and standards.
The first product under the brand name Citizen was brought to market in 1924. This product has been produced by the Institute of achievements in watchmaking Shokoshe, Tokyo, founded in 1918. The name was born thanks to the wishes of the then mayor Shinpeya Goto (Shinpei Goto). This wishing said that any citizen should evaluate the products produced by the Institute and give it preference. The name of the Citizen, which means "citizen", and to this day reflects this idea.
One of the rare instances of a pocket watch made in 1924, was presented with the ruling while the Japanese emperor, who confirmed in writing the accuracy of the clock. In 1930, the company was founded, which to this day creates innovative products.
Over the years the company Citizen has left its mark in the history of watchmaking, and speaking about her achievements, it is simply impossible to do without a definition of "first." She is the creation of the first quartz watch, one of the finest in the world (the error of no more than three seconds per year), the invention of the first quartz watch in a waterproof housing, the first electronic watch, the first hours of titanium, the first solar-powered watches.
In 1976, the company released the first Citizen watch with solar battery. After two years, CITIZEN has combined digital and analog time display.
In 1985 he produced the first watch for divers with an electronic depth gauge. And in 1989 - the first wristwatch radios in the world, showing the time in different time zones.
1995 - the year of application of environmentally friendly drive Eco-Drive. The following year, Citizen manufactures ultra flat titanium watch with a light powered Eco-Drive Slim thickness of 6.05 mm.
In 1998 he produced the first watch with a revolutionary hybrid drive: light plus traffic equals power. In the same year are Promaster Aqualand Eco-Drive Chronograph - the first hours for professional divers with a drive Citizen Eco-Drive.
2000 eventful in the history of the Citizen. Available successful innovation: the first hours CITIZEN with a thermal actuator. Eternal present the first timepiece with an inexhaustible source of energy Perfection 2000, and Eco-Drive INFINITUM with perpetual calendar and an innovative control system battery, auto-switching power saving mode and a power reserve of up to 5 years. In the same year, developed a transparent and invisible to the human eye solar cells convert light into energy Eco-Drive VITRO.
World's first Promaster Cyber ​​Aqualand - a new generation of technology watch Citizen. It is available in 2001. This is a professional watches for divers with an interface for connection to a personal computer for the most efficient management of the dive.
In 2002, new radios are manufactured with environmentally friendly drive Citizen Eco-Drive, which measure and display time more precise and comfortable other watches.
In 2003, Citizen watches are available in metal housing. This new generation of radio clock with a drive Eco-Drive, power reserve in the dark for up to two years in a metal housing that provides water resistant to 20 bar.
The last stage of the evolution of Eco-Drive technology introduced in 2005 by a series of watches Citizen Promaster E 2100 Power Reserve. First dial complemented by an analog battery charge indicator.
To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the collection Aqualand by Citizen in 2006 released this model. Depth gauge to 100 m and record up to 20 dives allow these hours to meet the highest requirements.
2006 - further development of the collection of the clock radio: all-metal body combined with water-resistant to 20 bar. In the same year, produced a model Eco-Drive Minute Repeater. Technical refinement, allowing button to include an audio message time to the nearest minute. The perpetual calendar shows the correct date until 2100.
Currently, Citizen has been the latest developments in technology Eco-Drive. Mechanism of Eco-Drive is able to convert sunlight or artificial light into clean energy. Using this technology, Citizen has created a number of recent innovations, including the Eco-Drive Thermo, Eco-Drive Infinitum and Eco-Drive Eclisse. The energy for their operation mechanism Eco-Drive Thermo receives the difference between the temperature of the hands and the air temperature. Eco-Drive Infinitum, truly a time keeping perpetuum mobile, assured supply of energy for 5 years in total darkness with a fully charged battery (at the time as a normal Eco-Drive - up to 300 days in total darkness). Solar Battery Eco-Drive Eclisse is not available under the dial, as in most models of Eco-Drive, and on the perimeter of the dial. Despite the reduced surface area, this flexible solar panel generates enough power to operate the mechanism that occurs due to an improved perception of light and the advanced charging system, as well as a more economical energy consumption.
  At Baselworld-2006 the company presented a new watch Citizen Eco-Drive Minute Repeater Perpetual - the world's first model of the minute repeater with perpetual calendar functions, executed on technology Eco-Drive. At the request of the owner of the repeater mechanism discourages the hours, quarters and minutes. The set of features includes: The date and month display a second time zone with the division on the "Day / Night", as well as an alarm clock, a consistent local time.
Citizen is known in the world not only as a producer of high-quality quartz movement and electronic chronometers, but also as a timekeeper of many sporting events. The company also produces interior clock: floor, table and wall. Among desktop alarm clock is worth noting - a necessary device in every home with many additional features.

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Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave Caliber H990 #197/990 Wrist Watch GPS WorldWide Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave Caliber H990 #197/990 Wrist Watch GPS WorldWide 7 £12,000.00
Citizen SATELLITE WAVE Eco Drive Men's watch CC0005-06E Citizen SATELLITE WAVE Eco Drive Men's watch CC0005-06E 3 £9,500.00

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