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The elegant , luxury watches have long since ceased to be the only means of time measurement. For someone - an elite piece of jewelry for someone - a status symbol, for one - an important business accessory for another - a way to supplement your image refined touch. What are your interests? Stylish modern design or a timeless classic, steel or gold, outrageous luxury of the famous fashion house or discreet prestige Swiss brand? Any watch that match the concept of luxury, you will find a catalog

There are models with branded names. This watch is Swiss, Japanese, French - all the important and well-known brands on the planet, including the classic art of watchmaking - the original Swiss wrist watch.

Leafing through the online catalog of our store, you will find quartz and electronic models of different companies. But the top of watchmaking are mechanical watches. Pay attention to the classic model made of precious metals. It is a symbol of luxury, colorful life, true craftsmanship and unparalleled design. This is the famous Swiss watches, which can be admired and to whom reverence .

The glittering metal of the case, the strict and unique design, sophisticated harmony in every stroke engraving expensive bracelet or strap of a rare skin and, of course, a high-precision clockwork .

You aspire to possess them? Previously, you had to go to the capital, perhaps even in Europe to find the right model. Now just go online to our website

You can order any men's and women's watches, including the latest collections of famous watch companies.

Men's Swiss Watches are such well-known brands like Breitling, Longines, Omega, Rolex. The classic business model, "road" series, chronometers for snorkeling - a wide variety of men's watches offers connoisseurs of good things to watch shop La Maison de l'Horlogerie.

In our catalog you will find a wonderful Swiss and women's watches. They look amazing on the wrist, highlighting the good taste of the owner. If you wish, you can buy a watch that gleam in this brilliant light.

Luxury watches - an expensive and valuable gift. If you think you have to give people who want to express my respect or that present a charming lady, our store hours will help in the selection. It's - a worthy gift, which will be invested in an expensive case.

About great accessories you can dream of looking at pictures in fashion magazines. And they can be purchased in order to please yourself or a person dear to you. Realize your dreams! Suppose that on your hand will be worthy of your status chronometers.

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